Cycling Across the Canaries for the Price of a Canary

In May, Tom Rodgers is planning to cycle across the Canaries all for the price of a canary!  Starting with a 99p bike, Tom is planning to conquer the highest rideable peak of each Canary Island for less than £20.

And luckily for us, Tom is using his trip to raise money for ReCycle Bikes. Thank you Tom!

Here’s what Tom has to say:

“This May Day week I’m going to be taking on a bit of a budget challenge. I’m going to be flying to Lanzarote with a bike that has cost me 99p to try and cycle across all 4 of the major Canary Islands taking in their highest ride-able peaks.

My budget for the trip (excluding the flights and the ferry fares) is going to be £20. If I can get to Playa De Las Americas on Tenerife via the highest bit of tarmac on Mt Teide I’ll have made it.

Reckon I can do it? You can find out here –

And if any of you are blessed with deep pockets you might fancy sponsoring me. I’m raising money for ReCycle Bikes which you will know is Heeley Development Trust’s cycling maintenance and recycling project that does excellent work in the local community as well as being a great place to get your bike fixed or learn how to do it yourself.

Heeley Dev Trust have good connections with Cycle Sheffield and so I thought members might feel particularly keen on making a donation – the poor souls have gone a long time without anyone raising funds for them!  So, even a token amount would be appreciated!

My Just Giving site is here –

Thanks for reading and for any donations!



Cycling across the Canaries for £20