Caps 278 in the Transcontinental Race

The fifth edition of the Transcontinental Race began at 10pm in Belgium last night. This race across Europe was created by the legendary ultra-distance cyclist Mike Hall who tragically lost his life whilst taking part in the Indian Pacific Wheel Race earlier this year.

Riders need to cycle around 4000km, through checkpoints in Germany, Italy, Slovakia and Romania, to get to the finish line in Meteora in Greece! They must be self-sufficient and unsupported and with the clock constantly ticking, the pressure is on to keep pedalling for as many hours in the day as possible.

This year we have an even greater interest in the race as our very own manager – Angela Walker – is competing in the race alongside fellow rider Julie Bullen. You can cheer them on, and track their progress, by going to and looking out for cap 278b (look for Julie Bullen in the list as tracker 278a which was originally allocated to Angela is currently not in use).

Angela Walker and Julie Bullen